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[Grant Manager]

Frederick Glover has been a truly valued member of the Honour-Barbara Centre family since 2016.

With his rich experience as a Chartered Accountant (ICA) in fund management, He manages grants.

As a professional advisor, Glover promotes  professional success programs for both workers and members of our foundation.

Honour Barbara

Founder & SLT


[Lead Facilitator]

Having been once a stutterer for over 26 years, Honour Barbara has a keen belief in the power of charity, possibility and volunteer work.

She's committed to creating a better world for the 'Speech impaired (PWS), Autistic persons, Disabled teens and Street-kids' to have and live a better life. 

There really couldn’t be a more dedicated Specialist in Speech Difficulties & Fluency (SDF), and we’re so happy to have her as the Lead educator-SLT of the Honour-Barbara Centre team.


Event Coordinator 2


[Marketing & Research]

Personable, detail and result-oriented, Shadrach Joel Boye is admired by both our donors and our programme managers, for his research & marketing skills in initiating and overseeing to fund-raising activities.

We are so graced to have such an Expert, a wonderful M&R person, and excellent Event Coordinator on our team.



Programmes Manager

[Event Production]

Resilient and focused, 

Roland C. Peter administrates and implements all events & core projects of the HBC foundation.

As an affable, result-oriented, and dynamic Programmes Manager, we have registered immense success with our programmes.

We are so lucky to have him on our team.


Personable, patriotic and self-motivated, George Owusu forms ties with the international community & organizations that matter to the cause of HBC.

His giftedness in such activities as a result of experiences from international project partnerships/volunteerism, continues to undoubtedly impact the operations of HBC.

We are so graced to have such a Gem, proactive MI person, and excellent Event Coordinator on our team.

Event Coordinator 1

[Missions Internationale]


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