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'Shaping the future of the Speech Impaired,

Autistic and Children with Special Education Needs'

The Honour-Barbara Centre for Speech and Language Therapy, and its affiliates promote initiatives which help speech impaired persons (pws): autistic, persons with Speech Language Communication Needs (SLCN), children and youth with special educational needs, and all teens/young adults with Disability who need it most.

With an array of fundraising events, volunteer projects and stakeholder engagements, we welcome you to join our endeavors aimed at making people with speech and language difficulties become better in speech and restore fluency in the majority, and people with disability live a better life. 

At the Honour-Barbara Centre, 'Speaking is Life...Speech is Ultimate!' 

Read on, support us, and contact us to learn how you can become part of what we do - "giving hope which positively impacts humanity and the lives of the Ghanaian with speech-language and special educational needs."


Support the Cause of the Honour-Barbara Centre by contributing your best in helping  make Ghana an inclusive society and a better place for the speech-impaired, and people with SLCN and special needs.

Partner us by supporting The SLCN Policy Forum for Inclusive Education, The Stutterers' Clinic & TV Show, At 13 project and AFPAP Awards to give them this message of needed care that, "there is hope for the Ghanaian speech-impaired!"

We also are ready to send you detailed information in your interest to support and partner our Cause in Ghana. We are delighted to have you as a member of our organization, as you relentlessly extend a helping hand to support speech and language therapy and inclusive education development in Ghana.


Be blessed!

- Honour Barbara Class-Peter

   Lead Facilitator-SLT


    London, UNITED KINGDOM & Accra, GHANA

About Us



The lead educator and facilitator, Honour Barbara, has been once a stutterer/stammerer for twenty-six (26) years. After years of consultation, education (training) and hard-work, has now overcome and on the path of fluency after a progressive six-year speech therapy process. 

This experience brought enough hope which caused her to undergo training as a speech therapist which birthed the Honour-Barbara Centre for Speech and Language Therapy - an organization for the speech impaired (pws), the autistic, persons with Speech Language Communication Needs (SLCN) and persons with Special Education Needs in general.

Having acquired postgraduate training with international Centres as the Tizard Centre (University of Kent), Royal Centre, University of Cambridge and University of East Anglia (UEA), she is a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) with specialty in Speech Difficulties and Fluency (SDF), Autism and Dysphagia, and has devoted her life to ensuring that determined speech impaired persons will be helped to overcome speech stress (stuttering), and the autistic supported to live the best life.


She considers one's inability to speak naturally as a dream killer, a demoralizer of hope and self-esteem.
She is willing and ready to impact the 'know-how' to others who are determined to overcome speech stress/difficulties and live 'fulfilling' lives, contributing better to society and the world at large. 

With Honour Barbara, 'Speaking is Life...Speech is Ultimate!' 


Founded in February 2016, Honour-Barbara Centre has been working hard with the help of the British Council, our members and volunteers to help speech impaired individuals in our nation, Ghana and beyond. Our work aside our workshops is dedicated to raising funding needed to enable them undergo the Stutterers' Clinic and the 6 to 12-week Speaking Unlimited therapy and  to Raise Therapy Assistants in Schools for Inclusive Education, rendering support to persons on the autism spectrum through the Autistic 'Wonder-World', harnessing the potentials of Teens with Disability (PWD), delivering Charitable Services; striving to give hope, inspire and improve the lives of all Children and Youth with Special Education Needs at our 'Early Intervention' Inclusive School. 

The Centre has the passion of helping, supporting and giving hope through provision of good health-care to these special groups detailed above. The Honour-Barbara Centre advocates for the Ghanaian impaired-in-speech by creating awareness through the Stutterers' Clinic TV Show and AFPAP Awards that they are, so must be supported to get on the path of  fluency, and empowered to pursue their dreams, for nation building.

The Honour-Barbara Centre is incorporated in the United Kingdom (UK).

It was duly registered in Ghana on 4th April, 2017. 

1.    Empoweing & liberating generations of speech impaired individuals and persons on the autism spectrum through the creation and provision of a conducive environment with the set platform to render support, train, restore and perfect their speech.

2.    Training Therapy Assistants, supporting carers, and nurturing & harnessing the potentials of individuals and groups who are challenged in speaking, to overcome speech stress and become world leaders with Charisma, Fluency & Precision.


3. Equipping the autistic, persons who stutter and people with disability with Public Speaking Skills and Presentation Mastery.


1.    The Stutterers' Clinic

2. The Autistic 'Wonder-World'

3.    The SLCN Policy Forum

4.     At 13 'PWD' Project

5.    AFPAP Awards

6.    The Inclusion Programme for Mainstream Schools (SCIPROMS)

7.    The Stutterers Healthcare Walk

8.    The Street-Kids Project

9.    Overcome Stuttering National Reading Competition (OSNARC)

10.    Fluent Personality TV Show

At the Honour-Barbara Centre, 'Speaking is Life...Speech is Ultimate!' 

Get in touch to learn how you can make a difference at our Charitable Centre:

Honour Barbara Class-Peter (SLT)
Lead Facilitator


Chadwell Heath

Romford, London

 +44 2034 321586


Nim Tree Avenue
Accra, KN 5158
 +233 (0) 302 49456 | +233 (0) 202 71 2468


How We Help

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference!


Since our inception, we’ve worked around the clock to expand our causes and to help those who need our services.

What  WE DO
The speech impaired is the category of persons in our society who are challenged in speech and have difficulties in bringing out words, likewise autistic persons who are socially and behaviorally impaired. We may have experienced them in one way or the other in the course of life and you may agree with me that this condition is appalling and depleting even to the health of these persons with such conditions.


This thus hails appreciation at the efforts of the Honour-Barbara Centre, whose object focuses mainly on overcoming speech stress among people with SLCN needs (speech impaired persons), placing them on the path towards fluency, and offering supportive services to autistic persons along with advocating and creating the awareness that these persons in society need to be helped and their concerns met.


The speech impaired, including the autistic  is one category of persons who need fun most; as they interact with people of different/similar backgrounds, involve in fun-creation activities and are amused, they laugh much, and in the process are healed from within. 

This is why activities such as horse riding, health walks along singing, swimming, stutterers’ TV show discussions & awards, excursions, tours among others, are of great essence to the speech impaired on the path to overcoming speaking stress (stuttering/stammering).

Through its myriad techniques toward impacting, the Centre mostly uses the JCILFA and PTYBI to overcome speech stress among the speech impaired and restore fluency. The duration of the therapy/training programme is 7 to 14 weeks.

The activities combined with the therapy and screening, are grossly cost involving, thus, it is prudent accordingly, on our part to draw close to socially responsible persons like you and your organization, so to be supported financially as you become members and partners to our Cause. 


1.    The Stutterers' Clinic & Tv Show

The project focuses mainly on speech-impaired persons and persons with special education needs at all levels, placing them on the path towards fluency, along with advocating and creating the awareness that speech impaired persons in society need to be helped and their concerns met.

2.     The Autistic 'Wonder-World'

The project focuses mainly on people on the autism spectrum together with their guardian. Through assessment and diagnoses, treatment is administered medically or therapeutically.

Guardians are educated on ‘How’ to create the appropriate environment for their wards to foster right relations with their  environment. The autistic are directed on 'How' to excel in their strengths and 'How' to further channel their strengths to create interest in their weaknesses.

3.     At 13 Project

The project focuses on nurturing the potentials of people with disability (PWD), autistic and speech-impaired persons, especially teens and young adults.

4.    The Stutterers Healthcare Walk

The project raises funds to focus on providing the health needs of both speech-impaired and autistic persons who have signed up with the Stutterers' Clinic & Autistic 'Wonder-World' amidst healthy living lifestyles (keep fit session, health walk, screening and medication).

5.    The Street-Kids Project

The project focuses on providing education and support for street-kids or school drop-outs with special education needs.

Every contribution goes toward making Ghana and the world a better place. Get in touch with us today! Making a positive difference has never been so easy!



One of the main reasons Honour-Barbara Centre was founded in 2016 is to compensate for Prison inmates' struggle with Potential Nurturing activities and Donations. We’ve dedicated our time and invested countless resources to this charitable cause, and hope you’ll help us continue this work. See how you can by contacting us below.

Volunteer Opportunities

Here at Honour-Barbara Centre, we endorse Volunteering and so make room for this by creating opportunities mainly for tertiary school leavers and interns to come on board. We employ a significant portion of resources in promoting this cause. See how you can help by reading more or contacting one of our representatives.

Stationery/Food/Clothing Drives

We are glad to ensure that most orphanages, street kids and the vulnerable in Accra and the rural areas are safe and have certain basic needs taken care of. With your generous donations and volunteering efforts, you have the capacity to help us in our endeavor of Food & Clothing Drives. Contact us to learn more.


the Stutterers' Clinic

The Centre's goal among others is to compensate for the Speech Impaired's struggle with speaking stress (Stuttering/Stammering). We’ve dedicated our time and still investing countless resources to this Cause, and hope you’ll help us continue this work. See how you can by contacting us below.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see”

Mark Twain

Contact Us

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Accra, Ghana

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